When someone is deciding whether or not they want to build a fence around their yard, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made and it can be daunting. Do you want a panel fence or a rail fence? Do you want it to wrap around your whole yard or just the backyard? Do you want a privacy fence on part of your yard, one that just marks the corners, or one that goes around most of your yard? If you want a new fence, these are some of the questions to think of before you contact a builder.

What type of fence styles are there?

White curved Picket fenceRail Fence – Rail (also known as picket) fences are the bread and butter of fences. They are usually shorter in height and built with narrow boards to create space between boards and visibility to the yards around you. They are not meant for privacy but to create a border.

Rail fences are great for keeping your children or pets confined to an area or to keep others from entering your yard. Because the fence is shorter, people can get over the top so if you’re looking for a fence that provides security, then another style night be better fit for you. Ask us for any style options you might be interested in.

panel1Panel Fence – Panel fences are growing more and more popular by the day. They can be short or tall depending on your needs. Panel fences are great if you want complete privacy from your neighbors or want to hide unsightly items in your yard. They can also include a grid or open design element on the upper portion of the fence to make the fence seem less claustrophobic.

Panel fences have a lot of flexibility on what design you can create. The tops can be flat, domed, or scalloped. They can have lattice or a grid section to keep it looking more open. If it’s a solid privacy fence, the top can be cut flat or dog eared. Ask us for any style options you might be interested in.

trellis17Trellis Fence – Trellis (also known as grid) fences are an open style of fence. They are used in a similar fashion as rail fences but have a different and more modern style. Trellis fences can be used to create a border for your pets or to keep people or other animals out. They are meant more as a simple barrier and not for security purposes.

Trellis fences are also great as a partial fence that can help to hide air conditioner units, garbage cans, or other unsightly objects. The space between the grid can be as small or large as you want to help create more privacy.

Should my fence wrap around the whole yard or just part of it?

If you’re looking to have a defined border around your home or want to keep your pets and/or kids confined to your yard, then a fence that goes all around your yard might be a good idea. The style won’t matter as anything you use will work for confinement purposes. You can then decide if you want your front and back yard wrapped with a fence or just one or the other. Cost may be an issue so only using one side of your yard might be helpful.

If you’re looking to added some design elements to your home or want to hide objects from public viewing, partial fences might be a good option for you. There are many options for partial fences depending on what your needs are. You can use partial fences to create some privacy for hot tubs or spas, to mark corners of your yard, for gardens, or lining walkways. The options are endless!

There are so many options for a fence, there’s always something that can work for you.

What if you don’t want to build a traditional fence, but want to do something to add something cool to your yard? Some other options for you might be:

  • a small fence to corral leaves
  • fence panels in between privacy bushes
  • use small sections of grid fencing for growing vines or other plants
  • small sections on your patio for a little privacy

Decorating with a fence doesn’t have to be done in the traditional way most people use them for. Fences can spruce up any yard and add value to your home. Fences can benefit you while you live in the house and benefit you when you sell it as well.